English Course Supply Lists

AP Literature

  • English binder - a designated section of a large, multi-class binder is acceptable

  • Loose-leaf paper

  • Black/Blue pens and #2 pencils

  • Highlighters

Individual teachers may require supplies beyond this English AP Literature list.


Dual Enrollment English

  • USB

  • Post-it notes and page markers

  • Pens for writing-blue/black ink ONLY

  • Pens for editing - red or green

  • Three DIFFERENT colored highlighters

  • 3-ring binder

  • 5 dividers

  • 8 ½ x 11 spiral notebook


English 12/12H

  • Pens for writing – blue or black ink ONLY

  • Pens for editing - red or green

  • Three different colored highlighters

  • 3-ring binder (not a folder)

  • 8 dividers

  • PLENTY of 8 ½ x 11 college-ruled notebook paper.


AP English Language and Composition

  • Binder:  3-ring binder (2 inch)  

  • Loose-Leaf Notebook Paper

  • Black/blue pens

  • Pencils

  • Post-It Notes

*This list reflects supplies required for all AP Lang and Comp students.   Individual teachers may

 require materials beyond what is listed here.


English 11/11H

  • Hardcover binder for English 11

  • Binder dividers                

  • Pocket folder to hold handouts and returned homework

  • An ample supply of loose leaf paper

  • Dark blue or black ink pen and #2 pencils

  • Colored pencils or highlighters (six or more colors)

  • Post it notes and post-it tabs or flags

  • Marble Composition book – NOT spiral


English 10 Supplies List 

Updated:  7/17/2019

  • English binder
  • Loose-leaf paper- from binder or torn from a spiral notebook with perforated edges
  • Black/blue pens and pencils (make sure you have pencils for future use on scantron sheets)
  • Highlighters (three different colors, ex: pink, yellow, green)
  • 2” or 3” Post-It notes

English 9/9H Supplies List

  • 3-ring binder specifically for English (1” or 1.5” )

  • Loose-leaf paper

  • 5 dividers

  • Pencils

  • Blue/black pens

  • Highlighters: at least three different colors, ex: pink, yellow, green


Note: Individual teachers may require additional supplies.


Journalism 1-4/ Photojournalism 1-4

All journalism students will need:

  • a steno notebook for interviewing and reporting.  An example can be seen here: https://tinyurl.com/stenoexp

  • A 1-inch binder that will be left in the classroom

(Returning journalism students may continue using their materials from last year and do not have to repurchase them.)