Fine and Performing Arts Course Supply Lists

Visual and Performing Arts

Please note that this is a partial list. Individual teachers may require additional supplies; see your teacher in the fall for a more specific supply list.


  • Metronome and tuner app

  • Music stand for home

  • Brass accessories: valve oil, slide grease, etc.

  • Woodwinds accessories: reeds, cork grease, etc.

  • Percussion: snare drum sticks (Innovative Percussion IP1, Vic Firth SD1, etc.), stick bag, pitch pipe  


  • Extra set of strings at all time

  • Rosin

  • Shoulder rest

  • Cello strap

  • Music stand for home

  • Metronome and tuner app


  • Photo I :35mm Camera,

  • Photo II:35mm Camera (1st Semester) Digital Camera(2nd Semester), Portfolio

  • Photo III:Digital Camera,I Phone, Portfolio

  • Photo IV: Digital Camera,I Phone,Portfolio

AP Art History  

  • The Mona Lisa:A Crash Course in Art History by Carol Strickland, summer reading

  • 2” 3 ring binder with dividers and loose leaf paper

  • Highlighters

  • Access to a laptop for written assignments

  • Janson’s Art History, 8th edition, optional

  • Supply fee

Art Studio

  • #2 pencils and erasers

  • Fine and ultra fine black Sharpie pens

  • Small items through the year to personalize projects

  • Supply fee