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West Springfield High School Schedule Change Policy

Schedule Change Policy

The schedule change policy is a local policy adopted by West Springfield High School administration. It is the belief of administration that the policy ensures the success of both faculty and students at WSHS.

Please review the policy to make sure what you are requesting follows the policy, before requesting a change.

Schedule Change Overview

The Master Schedule is developed from the student course requests submitted in early spring and is finalized in the summer in order to set student and teacher schedules and to set class. Every effort is made to provide students with their initial course selection, but alternate courses may be used to fulfill a student’s schedule. 

  • For this reason, changes to a student’s schedule will not be granted, unless the reason for change is listed in the Approvable Schedule Change Requests list below.
  • Students may make changes to their elective requests by the published deadline.

Scheduling Assistance

West Springfield High School offers different Scheduling Information Sessions to assist students in selecting courses.  These events and a brief description are outlined below.  Dates for these events will be communicated as we get closer to the event.

  • Curriculum Fair – in-house opportunity for students to visit teachers to learn of course offerings and  course expectation
  • Curriculum Night – night program for students and parents to learn of course offerings and course expectation
  • Academic Days of Emphasis – students meet with their core teachers to discuss their courserecommendation for the upcoming school year
  • Academic Individual Counseling – students meet with their counselor to finalize their course selection and discuss post-secondary goals, in alignment with course selection.

Change Requests

When the counselors meet with the students a firm deadline for making changes to their course requests will be provided, as well as how the request needs to be made. Students will only be allowed to make changes to their requests, not their final schedule, until this date. The deadline will also be put on the website and disseminated to parents through electronic means.

Procedures for Course Request Changes prior to the change deadline

  1. Students must complete the google document
  2. The schedule change committee will review the change and determine if there is space for enrollment

Procedures for Course Request Changes after to the change deadline

  1. Student must meet with their school counselor.
  2. Students will fill out the schedule change request form completely, which includes securing all signatures.  Student then need to return the completed form to their school counselor
  3. The schedule change committee will review the change and determine approval
  4. Students must continue with their current schedule until they receive notification

Eligible Schedule Change Requests

To minimize disruptions of student schedules and to maintain class size balance and continuity of instruction, changes to a student’s schedule may be made for the following reasons only:

  1. A course was put on a student’s schedule they did not request (alternate courses count for requested classes)
  2. A student is missing a course needed for graduation
  3. A student failed or did not take a prerequisite course
  4. Student does not have the corequisite course 
  5. A student’s IEP or 504 was amended
  6. Student has been scheduled into a course previously passed
  7. Safety reasons requested by an administrator

Ineligible Schedule Change Requests

  1. To ensure class sizes stay balanced and student instruction is not interrupted, student schedules will not be changed for the following reasons:
  2. Change of mind
  3. Elective, teacher, lunch or class period preferences
  4. Unsatisfactory academic performance – (students are responsible for maintaining passing grades ALL year and seeking any assistance needed in order to pass; going against recommendation)
  5. Requested a course but are no longer interested
  6. Drop or replace a class to improve GPA
  7. Student Conflicts - (students need to make counselor and/or administration aware of any conflicts, as soon as they occur, so they can be addresses immediately)

Granted Schedule Changes

Students enrolling in a course after the start of the class are responsible for all course expectations. This includes coursework covered prior to the student’s enrollment. The student is responsible for developing a work completion schedule with their teacher.