Student Services Staff

Director of Student Services

School Counselors

Subschool 1

Kimberley Greene-Herbert

Mirella Saldaña

Subschool 2

Taylor Wagonseller

Jenny Choi 

Subschool 3

Betty Broadnax

Sheryl Arenholz

    Subschool 4

    Zack Fisher

    Kabir Tompkins

    Subschool 5

    Vonetta Waits-Sanders

    Rachel Lee

    *NOTE: Senior counselor coverage is different for the 2022-2023 school year (It differs from the alpha range coverage above)

    List of Senior Counselor Coverage for 2022-2023


    Additional Student Services Staff


    Linda Andrade


    Lois Kurth

    Student Information Assistant

    Fatima Lopez

    Assessment Coach

    Lauren Ross

    Social Worker

    Anne Marie Colligan

    Cynthia Crisafulli

    Emotional Disabilities Clinician/School Social Worker


    Wendy Segar

    College and Career Center Specialist

    Tisa Frederick

    Family Liaison

    Jeff Toomer