WSHS 1980s - Student Life

Student life has always flourished at West Springfield High School. Many hallowed school traditions that originated within the first fews years of its opening continued and many more new ones emerged. Seniors often encouraged eager freshman about the non-existent roof swimming pool, a tradition that is still carried out today. The temporary Spartan mascot of the Super Chicken first made its appearance in the 1980’s during the football season and was loved by students throughout the school. As pictured below, the high-spirited, enthusiastic essence of the high school students was portrayed by the livelihood of the mascot. In further attempts to embody the effervescence of West Springfield High School students, many students took to decorating the schools halls. Students banded together to beautify the school and promote school, even doing so as renovations began in 1988. Decorating the hallways, dressing up in crazy costumes for school spirit days, and spending their nights in the high school cafeteria dancing to the top hits of the 1980’s was the norm for students at West Springfield.