WSHS AP Testing Information

2023 AP Exam Information 

Please see West Springfield's AP Exam Schedule (below) to view exam dates and times for students. Currently the format for the test is paper/pencil and any changes will be included here. 

The first 6 AP exams for each student are covered by FCPS and after the 6th exam the fee is $96 per exam. 

AP exam information will be communicated to students via FCPS Gmail accounts.  Students should check their FCPS Gmail accounts frequently for exam updates and information. 

AP Exam Schedule 


AP Exam Schedule

AP Exam Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, please visit the AP Central website here. For West Springfield specific questions, please contact West Springfield's AP Testing Coordinator Lauren Ross ([email protected]). 

When do AP exams take place?

AP exams occur in May 2023 (May 1 – 12).  A complete AP exam schedule can be found at AP Exam Dates 2023.

What do I need to do at the start of the year?

All students are required to have a College Board account to access important classroom materials as well as register for exams. Students should create an account and sign up in AP Classroom no later than September 30. Students SHOULD use a personal email address and not their school email address, as the school email address will expire when they graduate.

Students will login in here:

Teachers, counselors, and AP Coordinators do not have access to student’s College Board account. Issues with logging into your account must be directed to the College Board directly at 888.225.5427.

Once I have a College Board account, what will I do?

Each class will have a unique class that you will need to sign up for through AP Classroom. You will receive a unique code from your teacher that will enable you to enroll. Information on how to enroll can be found on the College Board website. This needs to be done by September 30th so we can have a correct accounting of students in each class! 

What do I need to do to make sure that I am registered for my AP exams?

Students will register for their exams through their AP classes. Students who chose to take one or more AP tests beyond six FCPS-funded tests will be charged a fee of $96 per AP test. The fees for the first six AP tests taken for courses in which they are enrolled for high school credit will be paid by FCPS. AP tests taken in other school systems are not included in the cumulative count.

Students enrolled in FCPS online courses must register for an exam only section through their base school.

ALL students must be enrolled in MyAP sections or an exam only section no later than September 30. If you have not enrolled, please contact your AP teacher or Mr. Fianco at [email protected].

Students taking AP tests without enrolling in the corresponding FCPS course are responsible for the test fee(s).

To assist in the decision-making process, students will be provided a report with their previous tests and current AP course enrollment. Students will have the opportunity to opt out of the test(s) by filling out the opt-out form. Families will be billed in December 2022.

You will receive a letter by October 13 that gives the option to opt out of AP exams. This form must be returned by October 24 to the Student Services office. Do not return the opt out form to teachers. If you do not opt out of exams prior to October 25, you will automatically be registered and billed, if applicable. No extensions will be granted to the October 25 deadline to opt out of a test. 

What do I do if I want to take an AP exam for a course I’m not taking?

Please complete this Google form.  The deadline to enroll is October 28, 2022. Test fees are $96 per exam and must be pay through MySchoolBucks.

What do I do if I don’t attend West Springfield but would like to take an AP exam there?

Home Instruction students must provide a copy of the FCPS Home Instruction acknowledgement letter prior to registering their child for AP tests, fees apply. Please also complete this Google form. Test fees are $96 per exam and must be paid through MySchoolBucks. The deadline to enroll is October 28, 2022.