School Improvement & Innovation Plan At-a-Glance

Outcome goals for this academic school year

School Improvement & Innovation Plan At A Glance

  • 2019-2020

  • West Springfield High School

  • Region 4

  • Michael Mukai, Principal

End of Year SMARTR Outcomes

By June 2020, all teachers, for all courses, will have established a process to measure the level of mastery for objectives that have been mastered. Their data will create our baseline for the 2020-21 school year.

  • Strategy 1:  Continue to define visible learning objectives, put them in student friendly language, and make them accessible to students and parents in the form of a visible learning guide.

  • Strategy 2: Continue to align all assessments and learning activities to the visible learning objectives.

  • Strategy 3: Create a system for defining and tracking mastery of objectives for each student.

  • Strategy 4: Use tracking system to provide mastery feedback to students.

  • Strategy 5: Each teacher, for each student, must provide a single value that measures student mastery for the course.

By June 2021, the percent of parents who report that West Springfield has communicated effectively will increase to at least 75%.

  • Strategy 1:  Teacher Focus:Teachers will contact parents of struggling students (i.e. D/F, drops more than one letter grade over a quarter)

  • Strategy 2:  Teacher Focus: Processes will be put in place to promote teachers to communicate positive feedback to parents for students (i.e. emailing home to parents when you nominate their child for student of the month.)

  • Strategy 3:  Teacher Focus:Stream line and establish official channels of social media for WSHS.

  • Strategy 4:  Leadership Focus: Increase the total number of families with SIS parent accounts

  • Strategy 5: Leadership Focus: New community communication strategies

    • Set new timelines for the Weekly newsletter and new expectations for KIT messaging
    • New military counselor
    • New second social worker for offer community resources
    • New Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist (SAPS)
    • Get to  know your Counselor  at Back to School Night
    • Grade Level Coffees with counselors
  • Strategy 6: Leadership Focus: Provide additional opportunities to build relationships

    • Military Family Night in the fall
    • Ribbon cutting celebration to entire community with an Open House


By June 2021, increase the percent of staff who report feeling positive about school-based Professional Development on the VDOE Working Survey to at least 75%.

  • Strategy 1: Create the LIT team to facilitate literacy, FCPSOn, equity, visible learning and POG school leads. This will increase stakeholder input for professional learning.
  • Strategy 2: Provide sufficient resources and professional development opportunities that tie to teachers' specific Portrait of a Graduate focus area. This personalization of PD will provide a large group of teachers with learning by name and by need, just as we strive to do with our students.
  • Strategy 3: Teachers will be provided ongoing opportunities to collaborate with colleagues to visit each other's  classrooms  throughout  the year through Project #CCCme (communicate,collaborate, critical thinking). Teachers will complete a short digital feedback form, focusing on strategies that they can take back to their own classroom.

  • Strategy 4: Professional sessions will be offered periodically in the Digital Learning Center during planning periods and after school so teachers can learn the how and why behind apps and teaching strategies to increase POG growth in students.


For additional information regarding this School Improvement Plan, please contact the school principal.