2023-2024 School Innovation and Improvement Plan

Outcome goals for this academic year.

2023 - 2024 SIIP At-a-Glance Plan At A Glance

  • 2023 - 2024
  • West Springfield High School
  • Region 4
  • Michael Mukai, Principal

Goal #1: WSHS will increase the percentage of ELs passing the reading, math, and science SOLs to 70% or higher.

Strategy 1: Improve student engagement through consistent rigorous and relevant learning experiences.

  • Action 1: Redesign the instructional model for EL courses to increase access to additional courses outside of sheltered ESOL courses.
  • Action 2: Targeted intervention through advisory, by name and by need.
  • Action 3:  Increased course offerings to meet the needs of all students.

Strategy 2: WSHS will strengthen differentiation by designing and implementing effective scaffolds.

  • Action 1: Provide team-taught ESOL classes.
  • Action 2: Push-in support for EL students in English grades 9-12.
  • Action 3:  Utilize special education and ESOL staffing to support dually identified students.

Strategy 3: Expand learning that fosters student voice and choice to support student growth and agency.

  • Action 1: Support through academic advising to support career pathways.
  • Action 2: Periodic parent nights to engage families.
  • Action 3:  Support ESOL student engagement in extra-curricular activities. 


Goal #2: WSHS will increase our number of students graduating with AP/DE or CTE completer status to 90% or higher.

Strategy 1: Improve student engagement through consistent rigorous and relevant learning experiences.

  • Action 1: Implementing work-based learning experiences through certification courses.
  • Action 2: Additional course offerings for advanced-level courses.

Strategy 2: Increase opportunities for student reflection, and goal setting, and that supports growth around content and Portrait of a Graduate skills.

  • Action 1: Implementing academic and career plan lessons to support student goal setting.
  • Action 2: Academic Advising

Strategy 3: Increase the use of Young Scholars wraparound supports in MTSS based on specific needs.

  • Action 1: Utilize digital resources, Edgnuity, to support students struggling in advanced-level courses.
  • Action 2: Use of Edgnuity for flexibility with students transitioning in midyear.


Goal #3: WSHS will increase the percentage of special education students passing the reading, math, and science SOL’s to 70% or higher.

Strategy 1: Increase student course success through Tier 2 interventions.

  • Action 1: Targeted advisory assignments for students.
  • Action 2: Expansion of literacy programs
  • Action 3: Collaboration with Office of Special Education instruction to determine best practices and programs that best match individual student needs.

Strategy 2: Increase the development of literacy skills and habits across disciplines.

  • Action 1: Teachers will be attending a two-day retreat to plan curriculum, review student diagnostic data, and develop interventions by name and by need
  • Action 2: Biweekly collaborative team meetings concentrating on instructional practices and providing student feedback.
  • Action 3: Continued collaboration with Region 4 instructional support.

Strategy 3: Increased remediation opportunities.

  • Action 1: Offering boot camps for students prior to SOL exams.
  • Action 2: Individual student remediation plans for students retaking SOL's.
  • Action 3: Targeted advisory assignments for students to increase the opportunities for student-specific remediation.