Student Services Staff

School Counselors

Subschool 1
Kimberley Greene-Herbert (A - BLA)703-913-3913
Anna Montain (BLB - CRAU)703-913-3914
Subschool 2 
Taylor Wagonseller (CRAW - GAF)703-913-3923
Madison Fleming (GAG - HUR)703-913-3924
Subschool 3 
Sheryl Arenholz (HUS - LEE)703-913-3934
Daniel Tsang (LEF - MIQ)703-913-3933
Subschool 4 
Zack Fisher (MIR - PON)703-913-3944
Megan Neforos (POO - SHAO)703-913-3943
Subschool 5 
Lindsay Sterling (SHAP -TRAN)703-913-3954
Elizabeth Wahl (TRAO -Z)703-913-3953

Clinical Team

Social Worker 
Anne Marie Colligan703-913-3826
Dianne Stansbery (ED Clinician)703-913-3829
Wendy Segar703-913-3834

Assessment Coach

Laura Fitzsimmons703-913-3812

College and Career Specialist

Jeff Toomer703-913-3985

Family Liaison

Ashley Springsteen703-913-3800


Linda Andrade703-913-3822

Student Information Assistant

Fatima Lopez703-913-3814

Office Assistant

Samantha Wolf703-913-3823

Director of Student Services

John Basta703-913-3824