Policies and Procedures


  • Use of the library is a privilege.
  • Respect the right of other students to study.
  • Respect the right of others to use library materials.
  • The library is a shared space open to all students. 
  • Please do each other the courtesy of keeping it clean, quiet, organized, and operational.


  • The library is a quiet zone for school work only.
  • No food, no gum, liquids only in resealable containers.
  • Before you leave, push chairs in, put trash in trash cans, and put paper in recycling bins.
  • Set cell phone to vibrate or airport mode and take calls outside the library. Use headphones if watching videos.
  • Scissors, pens, staplers and other office supplies are on a cart across from the circulation desk.
  • Always sign in to the library, unless you are with a teacher.


  • You do not need a pass before school or after school
  • You do need a pass any time during the school day, excluding your lunch period.

Finding Books

  • You can look up books on your laptop or on your phone. See Schoology for the link.
  • The books are categorized as New, Fiction, Horror, Suspense, Mystery, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Short Story, Graphic Novels, Nonfiction, Biography, Everyone, and World Languages. 

Returning Books

  • Place books which have not been checked out near the blue signs so we can put them back in the right place and they can be found again.
  • If the library is closed, you can return books in the book drop to the right of the library entrance.

Sharing Books

  • Books check out for fifteen school days.
  • Do not check out books for a friend; you will be held accountable if books are damaged or lost.
  • You can only check out three books from the same series. You cannot check out multiple copies of the same book.
  • Please be careful when storing books. Liquids are the number one cause of damage to our books.


  • There is no charge for printing. 
  • Printing is now hold print. See “Printing in library hold print” in the library course in Tech Tips for more details. 
  • Printing is double-sided unless you specifically request single-sided.
  • Printing is only black and white.


  • We can check out books from other FCPS libraries. Ask at the front desk.
  • We accept book recommendations. Use the form in Schoology or the “wish” function in Destiny.