Policies and Procedures


  • Use of the library is a privilege.
  • Respect the right of other students to study.
  • Respect the right of others to use library materials.
  • The library is a shared space open to all students. 
  • Please do each other the courtesy of keeping it clean, quiet, organized, and operational.


  • The library is a quiet zone for school work only.
  • No food, no gum, liquids only in resealable containers.
  • Before you leave, push chairs in, put trash in trash cans, and put paper in recycling bins.
  • Set cell phone to vibrate or airport mode and take calls outside the library. Use headphones if watching videos.
  • Scissors, pens, staplers and other office supplies are on a cart across from the circulation desk.


  • You do not need a pass before school or after school. 
    • Log in to the computer by the plants.
  • You do not need a pass if you are with a teacher and you do not log in.
  • During lunch, you may or may not need a pass.
    • If you come straight to the library, you don't need a pass.
    • If you go to the cafeteria first, you need to get a pass from us ahead of time so they let you out of the cafeteria.
    • Log in and don't eat in the library.
  • If you have an e-hallpass, check in with us when you arrive in the library. Otherwise your teacher will think you didn't get here.

Finding Books

  • You can look up books on your laptop or on your phone. See Schoology for the link.
  • The books are categorized as New, Fiction, Horror, Suspense, Mystery, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Short Story, Graphic Novels, Nonfiction, Biography, Everyone, and World Languages. 

Returning Books

  • Place books which have not been checked out near the signs on top of the shelves so we can put them back in the right place and they can be found again.
  • If the library is closed, you can return books in the book drop to the right of the library entrance.

Sharing Books

  • Books check out for fifteen school days.
  • Do not check out books for a friend; you will be held accountable if books are damaged or lost.
  • You can only check out three books from the same series. You cannot check out multiple copies of the same book.
  • Please be careful when storing books. Liquids are the number one cause of damage to our books.


  • There is no charge for printing. 
  • Printing is now hold print. See “Printing in library hold print” in the library course in Tech Tips for more details. 
  • Printing is double-sided unless you specifically request single-sided.
  • Printing is only black and white.


  • We can check out books from other FCPS libraries. Ask at the front desk.
  • We accept book recommendations. Use the form in Schoology or the “wish” function in Destiny.