Educate Fairfax Work-based Learning Grant Funds Successful Business Tours for High School Students

By Rebecca Cousins
May 03, 2024

Under the umbrella of the Educate Fairfax Work-based Learning grant, two recent field trips have provided invaluable opportunities for high school to explore protentional career paths and build professional networks.  The first tour, attended by students from West Springfield High School and Lake Braddock Secondary School, delved into the moving industry through a visit to Interstate Moving, Relocation and Logistics..  Students were given insights into various career opportunities within the industry, from logistics management to customer service, fostering a deeper understanding of the sector’s dynamics and demands.  They enjoyed a luncheon and had the opportunity to network with Interstate employees. 

In a separate trip, West Springfield and Lewis High School students embarked on a tour aimed at uncovering the intricacies of the hospitality industry.  Hosted by the Springfield Hilton, this tour offered students a firsthand look into the diverse array of roles available within the hospitality sector, including hotel management, event coordination and guest services.  By interacting with professionals and experiencing the inner workings of a renowned hospitality establishment, students gained valuable insights into the industry’s operations and career pathways.  The Springfield Hilton hosted a business luncheon that the students enjoyed after the tour while staff members from departments shared more about their jobs.   The General Manager shared how important it is to have a helper’s mentality to work in the service industry. 

The students were very excited on the bus ride back to school about how much they loved both of these Business Tours and luncheon field trips.  These enriching experiences underscore the importance of Work-based Learning initiatives in equipping students with practical skills and industry knowledge, ultimately empowering them to make informed career decisions and succeed in their chosen field.