FCPS Career Center Specialist of the Year

By Malicia Braxton
September 06, 2018

Congratulations to Tisa Frederick who has been named FCPS’ Career Center Specialist of the year.  Tisa is extraordinary.  In the eyes of not only students but of teachers too, she is described as professional, dedicated, compassionate, intelligent, and loyal. Ms. Frederick exhibited exemplar skills in the area of leadership, communication, and community relations.  She promoted high educational standards by developing an exceptional atmosphere for the Career Center.  As a key member our comprehensive counseling department, Ms. Frederick’s work ethic is unmatched.  As a natural leader, she motivates her colleagues in striving for perfection.   As a great communicator, Ms. Frederick’s oral and written communication skills allow her to develop positive relations with staff, students, parents and the community.  She develops a rapport with students that not only provides the students with knowledge of future career choices but also what it takes to make it to the next educational level.  She also seeks open feedback and communication from students, as well as her colleagues.  The results of her efforts are evident by West Springfield students reaching educational heights that would never be possible if not guided correctly. Her ability to develop community relations is outstanding. As one of the organizers for West Springfield’s Career fair, Ms. Frederick communicated with several representatives from local organizations and companies asking for them to be a presenter for our fair.  This wonderful event, along with being recognized by the Air Force for her dedication to students and the military recruitment process are two of many reasons as to why Ms. Frederick has been named as the Career Center Specialist of the Year.   Her service to West Springfield High School and the school community is invaluable.   She truly is a main ingredient in the success of our program.