A Quick Peep into the Roaring 20’s

By Jeri Clark
April 21, 2022

WSHS 11th grade students in WSHS teacher Jeri Clark’s US/VA History classes dove into learning about the Roaring 20’s hands and peep first, creating their own marshmallow Peep 1920’s-themed dioramas. Charlie Chaplin and silent movies, Flappers fashion, jazz, Knute Rockne and the Fighting Irish, family life and The Great Gatsby are among the topics student chose to portray. Now on display in the school library, the dioramas have received more than 200 votes from students and staff alike, with far more stopping by to view the displays.   

“I love how my classroom came to life with excitement and how much pride the students took with their projects. I am inspired by their creativity, attention to detail, and hard work,” said Clark.