WSHS Class of 2024

Graduation Class of 2024 

When:  Thursday, June 6th, 2024 at 9:30 a.m.

Where:  EagleBank Arena on the George Mason University Campus 

FAQs for Class of 2024 Families

FAQs for Class of 2024 Families

Q: When is graduation rehearsal?

A: There are two graduation rehearsals and students are expected to attend both.  

When:  Tuesday, June 4 and Wednesday, June 5 at 10a.m.  Students should be seated by 9:30a.m.

Where:  Main Gym.  

Senior Dues and Obligations 

Q: How can I pay my senior class dues?     

A: Senior dues can be paid through MySchoolBucks. Payment is requested by May 31, 2024. Submitting senior dues as soon as possible is appreciated and allows us to make the appropriate vendor payments for graduation activities. 

Q: What is included in senior dues?

A: The primary expenses include graduation: 

  • cap and gown, diploma cover, tassel, other ceremony necessities

Q: How do seniors clear obligations (debts) from this year and previous years?

A: All obligations should be cleared before graduation.  Obligations for this year and previous years can be paid using MySchoolBucks.


Q: When is the WSHS graduation ceremony?

A: WSHS graduation will be held at 9:30a.m. on Thursday, June 6, 2024.

Q: Where will graduation be held?

A: WSHS graduation will be held at EagleBank Arena on the campus of George Mason University

Q: Will the ceremony be live streamed?

A:  Yes!  The ceremony will be available to view live at this link:  West Springfield HS Graduation Live Stream

Q: How many guests are permitted at graduation?

A: There is no limit to the number of guests who may attend the graduation ceremony and no tickets are required.

Q: How long is the ceremony going to last?

A: The ceremony will last approximately 1.5 hours. 

Q: What time should seniors and parents/guests arrive at the ceremony?

A: Graduates need to report to the EagleBank Arena on the campus of George Mason University at 8:00a.m sharp.   Doors will open at 8:30 a.m. for parents and guests.  You will have to enter through metal detectors so please plan accordingly. 

Q: What does FCPS allow to be worn along with the cap and gown?

A: All students will wear the same color gowns for the graduation ceremony. The decoration of caps will be a site-based decision. School-provided and nationally recognized honor society cords and stoles are appropriate. Eagle Scout and Girl Scout Gold Awards are nationally recognized awards.   Ethnic and cultural stoles shall not be discouraged and students will not be denied participation if worn. 

Q: What else is important for students and families to know?

A:  Students and families should know the following: 

  • Transportation to EagleBank Arena is not being provided by the school. We encourage families to drive together to ensure on-time arrival as well as ease of departure. 
  • Be prepared for warm temperatures and navigating arena seating. 
  • EagleBank Arena Bag Check Policy: There will be a bag check conducted on all guests coming to the event. No exceptions. EagleBank Arena is encouraging guests to not bring a bag. If a guest requires a bag for personal belongings, EagleBank Arena has adopted a clear bag policy and must adhere to the following: Clear Bag: Bag must be clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC with no obscured inside pockets. Bag must not exceed 12”x12”x6”
  • If you have a bag for Small Medical and/or Parenting Bags, they strongly recommend that patrons bring something small and/or clear to expedite the screening process. Other items will be permitted on a case-by-case basis and will be subject to increased security screening.
  • Students should only carry their car keys on them, leaving their cell phones and any other electronic devices with their guests. If they need to carry something on them for a medical reason, please contact a WSHS administrator.
  • Prohibited Items: Prohibited items include weapons, outside food or beverage, fireworks, balloons, noisemakers, non-service animals, illegal drugs, laser pointers, luggage/oversized bags, flags/banners that could block someone’s view, any size pole or stick (medical aids such as canes/crutches are permitted), drones, bottles/cans/containers/coolers, skateboards/rollerblades/hoverboards, projectiles (frisbees, footballs, inflatable balls, etc.), and unapproved pamphlets/handouts/etc.  EagleBank Arena reserves the right to prohibit any other item which is deemed unsafe or inappropriate, and will not check or store any prohibited item. 

Q: When is the graduation rehearsal?

A: Graduation Rehearsal will be on Tuesday June 4 and Wednesday June 5, 2024 in the WSHS main gym and attendance is mandatory. Seniors should arrive at WSHS after 9:30a.m. and be seated in the Main Gym by 10a.m. for the start of rehearsal. Graduation rehearsal is for students only.  

Q: When will I receive my cap and gown?

A: Cap and Gowns, Service-Learning Cords, and Tassels will be distributed after graduation rehearsal on Wednesday June 5th, 2024.   Please be aware that if the student has financial obligations, they will not receive a Cap and Gown until those obligations are cleared with the Finance Office.  Seniors MUST bring any items belonging to the school that they have not already returned by June 4, 2024. 

Q: What should I wear under my gown?


  • Comfort is key.
  • Plan for the weather of the day. While the arena is air-conditioned, it can get warm.  
  • Gowns will be worn for the entire ceremony. 
  • We strongly recommend modest heels for any student wishing to wear a shoe with a heel.  Students will be standing for an extended period of time before the ceremony begins.

Q: I have family and friends who cannot make the ceremony in person, how can they watch?

A: The graduation will be livestreamed at this link on June 6:  West Springfield Graduation Live Stream

Q: Where can I find information about video and photograph sales?

A: Video sales are available through Memories Videography online here:  West Springfield Graduation Video Order

Photographs will be taken at the event. Find ordering information here:  West Springfield Graduation Photos

Q: Will there be seating for persons with disabilities?

A: Yes, there is plenty of accessible seating and parking. To be seated in a wheelchair accessible location, EagleBank Arena staff will be available to assist. Guests requiring seating that minimizes stairs are directed toward seats in rows E, F, and G.

Q: I have a family member who requires ASL translation. Are services available for signing?

A: Yes. Please e-mail John Basta, as soon as possible, but no later than May 1, 2024 to arrange for these services.

Q: Can/Should I iron my gown?

A: No, please do not iron your gownIt will melt. Hang it in the bathroom and turn on a hot shower for about 20 minutes and the wrinkles should fall right out!

Q: What side of the cap does the tassel go on?

A: The tassel will go on the RIGHT side. This allows the photographer a clear picture of the graduate during their diploma presentation by the Principal. 

Q: Where do we meet back up after the ceremony?

A: Make plans with your family in advance for a meeting place outside of EagleBank Arena. Graduates will process out of the arena and towards the East Balcony and North side of the building.  Students will not have their cell phones with them for the ceremony. 

Q: When do I get my actual diploma and how will my final transcript be sent to colleges?

A: Students will receive an envelope at graduation that contains the following:

  • Diploma
  • Final Transcript (Unofficial) – a copy of your final marks
  • Early College Scholars Certificate, if applicable
  • Copy of immunization record on file with school
  • Videographer Order Form
  • Any unclaimed awards or certificates

Final official transcripts will be sent to the college or program students indicate on the FCPS Senior Survey they complete in May. 

Other questions?  

Reach out to your counselor in Student Services

Senior Exam and Event Schedule






May 28


Full Day for Seniors  Final Grades are due at 8 am              

                                  on Wednesday, May 29, 2024


May 29


Full Day for Seniors  Final Grades are due at 8 am     

                                  on Thursday, May 30, 2024


May 30


Half-Day for Seniors  Final Grades are due at 8 am   

                                on Friday, May 31, 2024


May 31


Half-Day for Seniors  Final Grades are due at 3 pm 

Senior Laptop Collection      on Friday, May 31, 2024

* no extensions beyond this due date

Every senior needs a grade regardless of graduation status






June 3


Senior Awards 9 am / 11 am Senior Picnic



June 4


Full-Day   Final Grades are due Wednesday, June 5th  at 3 pm

Senior Obligation Meeting/Dept Awards

Graduation Rehearsal-10 am in the Main Gym



June 5


Full-Day   Final Grades are due Wednesday, June 6th  at 3 pm

Graduation Rehearsal-10 am in the Main Gym

Cap and Gown Distro/Grad Walk

All Night Graduation Party


Email:  @email

Follow us on  Insta WSHS ANGP 2024

Get updates on our Class on Facebook - WSHS Class of 2024


What is the ANGP?

  •  It’s a time for the graduating seniors to come together, have fun, and celebrate a new journey of their lives. The all-night graduation party is organized by the ANGP Committee, chaperoned by parents and members of the community, and staffed by the St James.  The Committee hosts numerous activities during the night of the party. Activities include a casino night, fun inflatables, raffles with high-end prizes, and portraits by caricature artists.  In addition, we use the amazing facilities at The St. James that include golf simulators, climbing structures and intricate obstacle courses, ice skating, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and rock climbing! We also have plenty of food and drinks to feed the seniors and the chaperones! The evening is an alcohol-free and drug-free event that takes place in a safe and supervised environment.


Date and Time:
Saturday, June 8, 2024 at 11:00 pm through 05:00 am the next day - yes, it is an all-night party! 
**All students are required to remain at the venue for the duration of the event unless prior consent from parents/guardians has been authorized.

The St. James Sports, Wellness & Entertainment Complex, 6805 Industrial Road, Springfield, VA 22151

Who can attend:
WSHS Class of 2024 Graduates ONLY

Current Ticket Prices:
1 April 2024 - June 7 2024: $110
$24 for students who qualify for a Free and Reduced Lunch

  • Students needing a reduced ticket should see their counselor about purchasing a ticket.

**Tickets will NOT be sold at the door and they are non-refundable.


  • All students must submit the Registration Form
  • All students and parents/guardians must sign pen-to-paper the Student/Parent Contract and email it to @email or return it to the office.
  • All students must complete the online The St. James waiver.
  • Registration is not complete until all forms and payments are received.
  • We will not be issuing a printed or electronic ticket. 
  • Student names will be added under the Who's Coming tab (updating bi-monthly).

**By submitting these forms, along with payments, students and their parents/guardians agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the forms submitted.


  • Payment by credit/debit card is encouraged. Buy your Ticket online here.
  • Payments by cash and checks (made payable to WSHS ANGP Booster Organization) can be dropped off at the ANGP box at WSHS or mailed to WSHS ANGP, 6100 Rolling Road, Springfield, VA 22152.  Make sure to include the student’s name and parent/guardian contact details. We will confirm receipt of payment and verify registration is complete.
  • Students who qualify for a Free and Reduced Lunch should contact [email protected].


What are the deadlines?

  • The Student/Parent Contract, Registration Form, and payment must be received and validated by 7:00 pm on 7 June, 2024.

How can parents get involved?
WE NEED VOLUNTEERS FOR THE NIGHT OF THE EVENT!!  We also invite any other WSHS parent to sign up to get involved!  No matter when your child will be graduating! It is a great way for future graduate families to get a glimpse of what the ANGP is all about!

CLICK HERE to volunteer on the night of the event


CLICK HERE to access our Amazon Wish List for items needed for the event. Deliver to the WSHS ANGP when purchasing!

Do senior dues fund this event?
            No. The WSHS ANGP is 100% funded by ticket sales, fundraising events, and generous donations.

Class of 2024 Graduaiton

Class of 2024 Faculty Sponsors